Increasing Undergraduate Student Interpreters' American Sign Language (ASL) Biology Vocabulary, Content Knowledge, and Interpreting Ability

With this project TERC and Lamar University are researching and developing a unique set of teaching and learning materials that will provide students in Lamar's interpreting program with knowledge and skills to support students who are deaf or hard of hearing in successful learning of biology content. The project builds on outcomes of a completed project (NSF Award #1703343). During this 36-month project, the partners will:

  1. Prepare a beta version of the SBD.
  2. Create summaries of core biology content needed for fluent and accurate interpretation of undergraduate biology lecture material.
  3. Produce video examples of fluent interpretations of biology lecture material.
  4. Evaluate use and effectiveness of the SBD, summaries, and videos in increasing student interpreters' ASL vocabulary, knowledge of related content, and ability to accurately and fluently interpret undergraduate biology lecture material. Solicit recommendations for improvement.
  5. Design a set of instructional practices for use of the SBD, summaries, and videos with ITP students.
  6. Disseminate project deliverables.

This work is being funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation (Award #2019843).